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5 Tips for Football Betting


Football betting should be really easy. Normally, every "couch coach" dares to predict the next match day correctly. But when it comes to bookmakers for real money, nearly all customers land in the medium and long term in the minus. The reason is quite simple. The betting enthusiasts type out of their guts, without a real plan or the necessary expertise in the background. Below I have put together the eleven most important tips and tricks that make football betting more successful. The advice is aimed at the users who really want to seriously earn money with sports betting. There is nothing to be said against the recreational players who simply put one or two euros on their favorite team, but that's not the point here.

1. Start your football bets with a serious bankroll
Before you even place your first football bets, you should think about your financial situation. Can you afford the tapping at all or do you need your money for other, more important things? You must never forget that in the worst case your entire capital is lost. You must be ready to sacrifice your money for the football bets. For God's sake, do not make the mistake of calculating directly with a steady and regular income in the beginning. The way to a real professional with the latest betting tips is long and often takes years. First fix your individual bankroll. The term was taken from stock trading and means nothing more than seed capital. Only use money that you definitely do not need in the next six months. Expect your salary with your living expenses. At the same time, you should never touch your reserves. It is even worse if you lend yourself money for the football bets, whether from friends or from the bank. Anyone who commits this cardinal mistake often lands in a personal catastrophe. Logically, the bankroll is individually different. For the one betting friend is 100 euros a high sum, other users have the opportunity to invest a five-digit amount without hesitation.

2. Stick to a concrete money management
Based on the starting capital you develop your concrete money management. Your "financial plan" should ideally cover a time frame of three to six months. Only then you draw a first interim balance and concretize the project for the next few weeks. In an emergency, if you act only with small sums of money, four weeks can be enough for a serious money management. Basically, however, the motto is "the longer the better". My experience has taught me that only two to five percent of bankrolls can be bet per bet. Higher, riskier stakes are definitely not recommended. It is important that you not only speak of a money management , but also keep a close record on it. Write down all your bets. As in a good company, you have a profit and loss account. The important side effect is that you always see your strategy in front of you and are brought back down to earth in the "hot" phases. At the same time you have an ideal evaluation of your tips. In which betting markets are you particularly good? Where do mistakes keep sneaking up? The bookkeeping helps to refine the strategy .

3. Turn off your greed
Now there's the soccer betting as in normal life and the much described beginner's luck. In most cases, the betting enthusiasts in the first few days an excellent performance with properly equipped returns. The idea "great, why should not it go on like that" has to be completely, very quickly suppressed. Turn off your greed. There are definitely worse phases when you still need your capital backing. Do not think that the sun is shining every day in betting. If you want more and more, you will end up with nothing at all. For example, if you earned 100% at the end of your billing cycle, you could logically double your bets. I advise you, however, let you pay off your profits at regular intervals. It certainly comes the day on which you have to reload.

4. Abandon mathematical systems such as the duplication
If things go badly, many betting fans will panic. The minus should be equalized as quickly as possible. On the one hand, anger bets are placed, which are then usually also wrong, on the other hand, attempts are made to catch up with mathematical strategies such as doubling the losses. To be clear: Things like the Martingale system have absolutely nothing to do with football bets. Each match must be analyzed and typed based on the strength of the teams. To put it bluntly, the FSV Gütersloh will not win at Bayern Munich , just because the betting friend needs exactly these quotas for his mathematical calculation.

5. Gain the necessary knowledge
Football betting is always a small fight between bookmaker and customer. Due to its profit margin and the quotation, the bookie always starts with an advantage in the race. However, you can compensate for this with the necessary specialist knowledge. Only place your football bets on games where you know exactly the teams and the league . Deal with missing actors, special home strengths or favorite opponents. Regional derbies often have a very special character. Also take a look at the importance of the game. Maybe one team will have a most important international match next week and will spare a few regulars? There are many small details that need to be worked out. My personal tip is not necessarily to concentrate on the top leagues. In less important competitions you have the chance to gain a knowledge advantage over the bookie. I simply assume that you have the necessary expertise in terms of markets and options. Do not place bets on odds unless you are 100% sure of their importance.