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Can you earn money in the online casino? If you know your way, for sure! First of all, but you should urgently review the Terms and Conditions carefully and pay particular attention to the conditions to which the bonus is tied!

Most bonuses have because once be played. In most POLICIES, Player agrees to wagering requirements that specify the minimum wagering requirements. Take for example the Grand Mondial Casino , here are bonus amounts to 30 times play-through before they may be cashed. "Play through" does not mean for example, that you must have won 30 times his bonus amount, but that you have to have 30 times its total bonus used, regardless of gains or losses. Let's look at an example of:

Suppose you have 100 € won the maximum bonus in free play and redeemed with your first deposit of at least 20 €. So you now have a total amount of 120 € to play, consisting of 100 € + 20 € Bonus Cash. Let's say you now put € 30 on your favorite slot machine and click "Rotate" or "spin". You lose everything. Now your balance is 90 €, consisting of 90 € Bonus + 0 € cash. That is now not mean that you have lost her cash! Suppose you place the same bet again and put another 30 € on your favorite slot machine and click "Rotate" or "spin", but this time you win € 60. Your total is now at 120 € total again, and is back together 100 € + 20 € Bonus Cash.