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Free Play: Outdoor game you get a certain starting balance, with which you can play for free for one hour to win at this time as much money as you can! At the end you can redeem the amount you have won (on the initial credit on top of it) as the first bonus for the first deposit. Then you can play with real money! They find such an offer, for example, in the Golden Tiger Casino or Casino Action .

Deposit Bonus: Here you can get most of a percentage of its initial deposit as a bonus. For example, offers the Luxury Casino for the first deposit a 100% match bonus. This means that if you deposit € 100, for example, you get another 100 € as a bonus on top of it and can get started with a total of 200 €, to play for real money! Caution is only to preserve, because these bonuses usually have a limit to the Luxury Casino example, there is this 100% up to a maximum of 150 €. There are also other match bonuses up to the fifth deposit and a total of up to 1000 € for grabs!

No deposit bonus: This bonus advertises heavily with attributes such as "no deposit" because it is virtually a no deposit bonus, but unfortunately not quite. Take for example the Quatro Casino . There you will receive after registration scratch cards worth 100 €. After you have rubbed these (and here you can between 10 € and 100 € gain), you get free their profits FAST. Unfortunately, online casinos need for security verify each player before he can play for real money. This happens at Quatro Casino by a deposit of € 1. In other casinos, such as the Virtual City Casino this has been going with a deposit of only 10 cents!