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In the UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg will take place between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich on Wednesday night. Both teams were traditionally before this season to the candidates for the title in the Champions League. For the fifth time, it will now give this pairing in the semifinals four times, was able to push through the FC Bayern Munich, which is why they are also dubbed in Madrid as a feared opponent. "It's a game against one of the best teams in the world," judged FCB coach Pep Guardiola on the host. The 12Bet Sports website says, the coach has success but have never lost a game as a coach in Madrid.

Real obsolete Copa del Rey

The Royal last week could be a 2-1 victory over FC Barcelona already the first title back up with the Spanish Cup - this success was mainly psychologically important for the team coached by Carlo Ancelotti, yet it has in previous weeks, may discover that Real Madrid in a few games had significant problems on the sportsbetting odds . So they had, for example, good luck in the quarter-final second leg match against Borussia Dortmund (0:2) and were able to move with a black eye to the semifinals. And also against Barcelona in the final of the Copa del Rey was one most of the time in their own half and barely came to unfold. The last two live league games against Real Sociedad and Almeria but you could win 4-0, here we showed that it is also capable of front and back to stand well, but against quality non-comparable clubs. Offensively, the Royal have many options - starting with a structured and patient passing game to rapid switching and counter attacks. Their individual class opens up the possibility out of nowhere to reach a goal, such as the Welshman Bale against Barcelona during his solo run could well prove. Just in time for this top is also Cristiano Ronaldo will be available again.